Children in poverty – July Update

Our active party member Alf Boon had the following letter published in the local press on then 17th July

It has been reported that many more babies are dying a short while after birth.  It is suspected that poor nutrition and poverty generally of their mothers may be causing this increase.  This a horrible event to be seen in our country. Earlier this year the Government announced that there were 4.1 million children living in poverty. Teachers have reported that children are coming to school hungry, with dirty clothes and are providing breakfasts, washing clothes and in some cases buying new clothes out of their own pockets.  With our country seeing the result of the policy of austerity coupled with so many people in work but earning low wages and the lowering of benefits it is surely time to ask the Government for a change of policy. Further it is also expected by this time next year their can be 1 million more children living in families who are in poverty. A worrying time for those employed to look after children.

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