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Tiverton & Honiton CLP


Chair – Honey Barlow Marshall

Secretary – Jake Bonetta

Vice Chair & Membership – Adam Powell

Vice Chair – Karen Hutchings

Treasurer – Melissa Kirkby

Policy Officer – Liz Pole

Women’s Officer – Angela Huskisson

Trade Union Liaison Officer – Oliver Tucker

Communications and Social Media Officer – Tyler Bonetta

Political Education Officer – Bartlomiej Chmielecki

Diversity Officer: BAME – Clara Douglas

Diversity Officer: Disability – Alfred and Sally Boom

IT Coordinator – Thomas Lowe



Honiton & Axe Valley Branch


Chair – TBC

Vice Chair – Thoi Nguyen

Secretary – Clive Newton

Treasurer – Adam Powell

Trade Union Liaison Officer – TBC

Youth Officer – TBC

Women’s Officer – TBC


Tiverton & Cullompton Branch


Chair – Ian Johnson

Vice Chair – TBC

Secretary – Lynne Dean

Membership Secretary – Raymond Holland

Treasurer – Norma M Davies

BAME Officer – Bartlomiej Chmielecki