HOUSING CRISIS – from local party member Tony Bourner

There is a very simple solution to the housing crisis, sad to say the Tories, of course, only fund something for the well off. Their answer is the Help To Buy Scheme. Now it turns out that the only people it helps is those earning over £58,000 pa, unless in London of course when it rises to over £82,000, another help the rich scheme while the poor get no help at all.
The solution surely, is to pay back local authorities the money stolen from them from council house sales, on the condition they spend it on replacing the dwellings sold, which they were forbidden to do by the Thatcher woman. This would bring onto the market a million or so homes at reasonable rents and long term tenancies, so the less well off have a permanent, secure home. They won’t have to move every 6 months or pay ever increasing rents and deposits, which are rarely returned. What would happen to the current rental market? The prices would reduce making it easier for youngsters to get a home of their own and not have to live with Mum and Dad till they are into their 30’s or 40’s as they have to do at the moment.
At the 2015 election, the Tories made a pledge to build 200,000 “starter homes” explicitly  to enable people on lower incomes to be able to afford a place to live. Over 4 years later we find out that the number actually built is ZERO. So much for Tory promises, they are never to be trusted.


Tony B, Nov 2019

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