Richard Cornley – Candidate for Castle Ward Tiverton

Because I’m a small-town, local resident on the ground, I can understand people’s general concerns and thoughts about what they would like to see carried on being done day to day. I would like to focus on the town centre as a nice place for people to go to; a decent fair bus service for elderly and young alike, a good road condition, good pathways for people to go walking – keeping the texture of the town ticking along nicely.

I am 50, and am very fit because of my work as a gardener, but also because I go running and exercise at home. I have a teenage son who I like to support and spend time with. I am a Tiverton person and live in the town. I support Tiverton Town Football Club, at home matches. I am good at communicating with people and as a sole proprietor of a gardening business, I am used to talking to people and providing customer service. I would bring the same level of care and attention to my role as district councillor for Castle ward.

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