Westexe – Labour’s candidate Sam James

I am an international theatre producer by trade, and am often working on multiple large scale projects at any one time. Often there are well over a hundred voices from a whole host of backgrounds, contributing toward the same goal and creative vision, my job is to advocate for those voices, pull them together and ensure we all achieve the best possible outcome. I want to represent Westexe the same way I would produce a show, by listening to you and working with the community to help the area grow and thrive following some of the most trying times we’ve experienced.

I agree with CHAT that everyone is entitled to decent, secure and affordable housing – somewhere to call home. I will hold developers and the council to account for repeated under-delivery of affordable and council housing against its own targets, and I pledge to apply the Tiverton Neighbourhood Plan’s TIVVY Test to all my decisions on the council:

Tackle the climate emergency, protect the natural environment and promote sustainable living;
Increase in access to housing, urban and rural facilities for people of all ages;
Value our heritage;
♦ Ensure a Vital and living town and respect the special design features in our parish; and
Yield improved health and wellbeing for all residents and visitors

I will also prioritise support for local independent businesses in policy, and for local sourcing in council procurement, backing the Totally Locally Tiverton campaign which would bring £3.8 Million per year directly back into our local economy: leading to more jobs, a better high street, a stronger economy & a nicer place to live. Greater opportunity and more pride of place will help tackle the causes of anti-social behaviour, including drugs, and I will work cross-party to make sure Tiverton receives its fair share of Police and Community Support Officers.

I live in Tiverton with a young family, and I want to build on the great work done by Sustainable Tiverton towards net zero carbon, food justice, rewilding, reduce, reuse and recycle, and their Green Transport Tiverton project with Active Families Tiverton. I would bring my professional expertise to bear on improving arts provision and the cultural life of the town, including youth entertainment, and I will champion improvement of youth amenities and of the local schools. I will campaign to resolve the problems of litter, leaves and dog mess, for a safe plan to reopen the shelter at Westexe Park and for a 4G sports pitch for the town.

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